Guilford County Residential Treatment Facility

Crisis Contact Emergency Contact: If you are in crisis, please call 336.899.1550 to be connected to a clinician


Address: 5209 West Wendover Avenue, High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336.899.1550
Fax: 336.899.1589
Hours: 24/7

Facility Information

Guilford Residential Treatment Center (a program of Daymark Recovery Services), is licensed by the State of North Carolina, and provides residential substance abuse treatment classified at the level of High Intensity Group Living.  Our clients are Guilford County residents, indigent, with a diagnosed substance abuse disorder.  The Center offers an intensive daily schedule of services, for a minimum of 30 days.  Clients are referred to outpatient treatment or aftercare based on their needs as they progress through treatment.


    •  A double room, sharing a bathroom, with a bed and fresh linen

    • Food service with: 3 meals daily and snacks
    • Limited laundry facilities-clients share an industrial washer/dryer
    • Intensive assessment/evaluation
    • Person Centered Planning and individual counseling provided by a primary counselor
    • Substance abuse education sessions with a concentration on a substance abuse treatment spiritual growth, and leisure/recreation activities
    • Discharge Planning-development of an Aftercare Person Centered Plan
    • A daily activity schedule
    • Notification to family and other appropriate person/agency of client's need (with client's permission)
    • Telephone use will be approved by your counselor or staff



Guilford County rate is $00.00.  In the residential program there are no fees charged by Daymark Recovery Services. 


Discharge Policy

The Clinical Director of the facility may discharge clients for violating Daymark Recovery Services residential program rules

Facility Visitation Policy

Visiting hours are Saturday and Sunday, 1-3pm, if approved by your primary counselor.  Children may visit; however, they must be in the company and under the supervision of an adult visitor at all time.