Mobile Medication Program (MMP) is a home visiting medication support, education, and skill-building initiative serving adults with sever psychiatric illness that have trouble remembering to take their medications. Program participants receive brief, yet frequent home visits from MMP staff, intended to model the routine and consistency of taking medications. Eventually, these visits are reduced from multiple visits per day, to daily, three times in a week, twice a week once a week, and finally to weekly check-in phone calls as participants develop skills and take ownership of their medication regime. Most participants progress through the program within six months.

Though MMP does not supply medications or make medication payments, staff help link participants with outpatient medical homes, assist with enrollment in health insurance and medication assistance programs, and work with prescribing physicians to reconcile medication plans. MMP staff also spend significant time identifying barriers to medication adherence and setting goals with participants at intake. At discharge, participants will be equipped with the skills and education necessary to manage their own medications independently.

Application Instructions: Contact MMP Nurse Manager at 252.425.7959