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Pregnant women seeking substance use disorder services at Daymark Recovery Services are given preference in admission to our centers. 

Preference in treatment include the following:
  • Pregnant women injecting substances
  • Pregnant women with a substance use disorder

Interim Services for Pregnant Women

Interim Services are made available should a facility not be able to admit a woman within 48 hours after seeking treatment.  Interim services are defined as services provided to an individual prior to admittance to a substance use disorder treatment program.

  • The purpose of the services are to reduce the adverse health effects of such use, promote the health of the individual, and reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • At minimum, interim services include counseling and education about HIV and TB, about the risks of needle sharing, the risk of transmission to sexual partners and infants, and about steps that can be taken to ensure HIV and TB transmission does not occur, as well as referral for HIV or TB treatment services if necessary.
  • For pregnant women, interim services also include coounseling on the effects of alcohol and drug use on the fetus, as well as referral for prenatal care

Treatment for Women and Dependents

Women seeking our services that have dependent children will be treated as a family unit, as such, we will admit both women and children (including those women seeking to regain custody of their children) into treatment services, if appropriate.