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Daymark’s Assessment and referral program provides a variety of activities, including prescreening, screening, psychosocial assessment, determination of need, and referral to appropriate level of care. An adequate assessment must be conducted to provide more informed referrals. Daymark performs assessment and referral as a routine function of entrance into other core programs, such as its Outpatient Treatment, Intensive In-Home, ACTT, residential programs, and others.  

Service hours are designed to maximize the availability of service to consumers and extend from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM at a minimum, and thru 8:00 PM in many locations.  Additionally, we often provide assessment and referral services in the community in order to improve accessibility for consumers.
  Individuals and families served are informed about the availability of 24/7/365 services available through Emergency, Crisis and Mobile Crisis services where they can also receive assessment and referral services.  Please refer to the Addendum for a complete listing of Daymark offices and locations.

DAYMARK Recovery Services, Inc. (Daymark) is a comprehensive community provider of evidence-based and culturally-affirmative mental health and substance abuse services which includes assessments and referrals.   Daymark’s  Assessment and Referral Program philosophy is to utilize valid and reliable screening and assessment tools as a method of determining the most appropriate level of care that will render the most optimal outcome for the consumer and impact his/her overall quality of life. 

Daymark’s assessment and referral process assists persons served in gaining access to services. Levels of care are determined through the assessment and referral process which facilitates entrance into core programs. Assessment and referral service consist of screening, triage, referring, comprehensive clinical assessments, and crisis assessments.
 Assessment and referral services also inform individuals about possible benefits, community resources, and services, and establishes and maintains linkages with community partners whenever possible.  Services are offered at the least restrictive level of care, with informed consent.