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Outpatient Treatment represents an array of services designed to meet significant behavioral and/or psychiatric symptoms that have been identified as treatment needs of the individual seeking services.

Needs are identified through clinical assessment and evaluation, and/or crisis planning, with the participation of the individual seeking services and others of their choosing.  Daymark provides outpatient treatment to adults and children (Age 3+) with primarily mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.

Hours of operation are designed to be available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM at a minimum, and  thru 8:00 PM in many locations.  Additionally, we often provide services in the community in order to improve accessibility for consumers.  Individuals and families served are informed about the availability of 24/7/365 services available through Emergency, Crisis, and Mobile Crisis services.

Daymark Recovery Services, Inc. is a comprehensive community provider of evidence-based and culturally-affirmative mental health and substance abuse services. 
Our Outpatient Program philosophy is one in which medical and behavioral healthcare professionals empower consumers with current best practices and effective, evidence-based treatment programs to effect self-determination, and quality of life.

Service may be provided to individuals, families, and/or groups.  Services include:  counseling, psychotherapy, medication management, parent therapy and support, some locations also provide peer support services.

Staff are encouraged to apply evidence-based, person-centered interventions.. These commonly include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and/or Motivational Interviewing, but could include Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Seeking Safety, Matrix or other evidence-based treatments, depending upon client need and treatment objectives.

Our Outpatient Treatment serves a number population.  In addition to Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse adults we serve children 3 years of age and older, adolescents, geriatric consumers, and families.

Our group therapy modality enables us to usefully address gender-specific or diagnosis-specific concerns, co-occurring disorders, and wellness recovery and education.

Families and other members of the individual’s support network are actively encouraged to participate in outpatient services to the extent the person served agrees.

Overall, Daymark seeks to enhance the quality of life in our communities through Outpatient Treatment and the opportunities it provides for addressing the clinical needs of our fellow citizens