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Psycho Social Rehabilitation is designed to help members learn skills that will help them live in the community without hospitalization.  While in the program, individuals learn daily living skills, socialization skills, educational skills, vocational skills, and how to organize their lives.

Those eligible for the program have to have an Axis I mental health diagnosis and they have to have impaired role functioning that adversely affects at least two of the following: employment, management of financial affairs, ability to procure needed public support services, appropriateness of social behavior, or activities of daily living.

The person’s level of functioning may indicate a need for psychosocial rehabilitation if the client has unmet needs related to recovery and regaining the skills and experience needs to maintain personal care, meal preparation, housing, or to access social, vocational and recreational opportunities in the community.

Philosophy of the Program

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) is a therapeutic treatment modality that provides rehabilitation for behavioral disorders.  The program is designed to provide interventions for individuals to improve behavioral skills related to barriers affecting how they integrate into society.  This is accomplished by having a safe and empathetic place to practice skills in socialization, daily living and community access.  This in turn affords individuals the skills needed to increase the level of success to move forward with opportunities to improve housing, vocations, education, independent living, reduce paid supports, increase unpaid supports and have better relationships to name a few.  The program philosophy is best summarized by the proverb “if you take someone fishing you fed them a meal, if you teach one to fish you feed them a life time.”  Too often individuals functioning within a system to control safe behaviors results in specific loss of self motivation and confidence.  The focus of PSR is to give those individuals with the ability to show behavior control the skills to function in society at the least restrictive environment possible, with the motivation and confidence to at least try.

The dynamics of the PSR program is within its own rights a peer support system.  The staff of PSR monitors and assists in therapeutic boundaries between individuals to help assist them in appropriate interactions and safety.  All individuals are encouraged to participate in self-help groups of specific desires of the individual such as churches, services for aging and AA or NA to establish healthy peer groups.  Participation in community mental health specific meeting such as NAMI are also encouraged.  Daymark provides information and pamphlets concerning local, regional and statewide advocacy groups. We coordinate information about program availability with NAMI, and made an effort to encourage consumer participation in programs related to their specific recovery issues.  Professional Peer Support Specialists employees are integrated into the PSR services at some locations when appropriate and available

Programs operate Monday thru  Friday , generally 8 am – 4 pm